In My Storage ~ Dried Scallop Cuttlefish Snack

Sister bought this back from Japan. If you are a cuttlefish lover, you will love this. It’s basically dried scallop covered with a slice of cuttlefish. The only thing I don’t like about this snack is that you have to be prepared to brush/floss your teeth after eating this coz very often, the very “chewy” scallop gets stuck in between the teeth which makes you very uncomfortable. If I am not wrong, this snack can be purchased in Singapore as well, places like Umeya and Hock Hua Tonic stock it. Yes, Hock Hua Tonic, I am surprised too. Probably because it’s dried scallop so considered it’s a dried seafood ? They sell for around S$1 for a piece. Not sure how much it costs to buy from Japan, but I guess it will definitely be cheaper if you were to buy this from those street stores because this snack originates from there anyway. It’s really either a “love it” or “hate it” situation with this snack because of the cuttlefish “fragrance” and taste. Just like some people can’t stand durians or smelly beancurd. I remember ever once that I brought cuttlefish into a movie theatre to munch upon and the ABC lady sitting beside could not take the smell and demanded me to stop eating. Well, what can I say ? One man’s meat is indeed another man’s poison. ^-^


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  1. does anyone know where we can find this in US????

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