In My Kitchen ~ Pink Coloured Tongs

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Busy, busy, busy ! I don’t seem to have accomplish much baking these days and I feel so guilty about it ! I don’t even have time to do any Chinese New Year bakes like last year. Other than work, I have been busy revamping this new blog, trying out new templates and finally working on one myself. It’s really a tough job, for someone like me who does not have much knowledge about CSS or HTML. Fortunately, there have been helpful people around in forums who give good advise.
As I was thinking about what to include in this new section called “In My Kitchen”, I had many vivid thoughts. Finally I decide I would just introduce any “fanciful” kitchen buys which I really like or find it useful. Hopefully it will be of use to anyone who loves their kitchen as much as me and always looking for stuffs to fill up that tiny corner in the house.
Anything PINK never fails to attract me ! This tongs caught my immediate attention by its sweet baby pink colour and it costs only $2 from Daiso. Amazing, isn’t it ? I am not sure whether I have any use for it yet, especially I have many tongs already. But the colour is simply irrestible. ^-^

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