Food Reviews : Wen Zhi Ji Pig’s Organ Soup @ People’s Park Food Centre

In Chinatown again ! For the second time in two weeks. Wanted to check out if we could buy more bak gwa since we were almost finishing up ours but from our favourite stall, all were sold out. Dinner was a Pig’s Organ Soup with rice at this stall called Wen Zhi Ji in People’s Park Food Centre. There was a mini-queue, so decided to give it a shot. Much to mine expectations, it wasn’t as fantastic as I thought. I would give it a medicore rating since it isn’t the worst but definitely not the best either. The soup was a tad blend to me coz I like pig’s organ soup to be really tantalizing blended with a pungent taste of salted vegetables. But the soup here doesn’t have that taste and the ingredients were kind of little. But one thing worth mentioning is that the pig’s organs were of the right texture, tender and not overcooked. There were many failed ones that I tried, always having overcooked pig’s organs which resulted in very tough and chewy meat bites.   
Wen Zhi Ji Pig’s Organ Soup is located at :
Blk 32 New Market Road #01-1078
People’s Park Food Centre

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