Food Reviews : Tong Shui Desserts @ People’s Park Centre

Had craving for desserts after dinner and badly needed a place to rest the legs as we were waiting for our bak kwa order (please see later post) in Chinatown, we hopped onto a dessert store in People’s Park Centre. We wanted to patronise Desserts Hut originally but all desserts were sold out when we went there. So we made to make do with Tong Shui Desserts instead, just the store beside Desserts Hut. Ok, I think it was a wrong decision made. We ordered a Black Sesame Paste and Ice Kachang with ice-cream. The black sesame paste had a burnt taste and the ice kachang, other than the ice-cream, wasn’t sweet. Was really a tad disappointed with the standard because Tong Shui at Zion Road used to be pretty good. But now even the Zion Road outlet has closed down and this one in Chinatown, isn’t any better. I think Tong Shui really need a breakthrough in their menu and standard to handle all the competition brought about by the many upcoming desserts store in town recently. ^~^
Tong Shui Desserts is located at :
101 Upper Cross Street #02-49
People’s Park Centre

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