Food Reviews : Teochew Bakso Fishball Soup @ People’s Park Food Centre

Everytime I am in Chinatown, I never fail to have the fishball soup at Teochew Bakso. The fishballs here are big and bouncy, springy and tender, hand-made from real fish. They are double the size of normal fishballs and they can be quite filling even if you just eat it on its own. Priced at $4, there are around 8 fishballs in one bowl for just the soup version. Of course you can have the noodles to go with it, but I find the noodles quite ordinary so will not bother to introduce it here. I did a search on the word “bakso” on Wikipedia and it came out to be “Indonesian meatballs” ! Anyway as what I understand, the Teochews are good founders for fishballs, that probably explains the reason for the name to be “Teochew Bakso”. One thing to note is that these fishballs are not the traditional kind of Teochew fishballs that we know, as in those with minced meat filling. These are the plain fishballs with no filling. Nevertheless, the texture itself is good enough to eat it on its own. ^-^ Teochew Bako is located at :
Blk 32 New Market Road
#01-1088 People’s Park Food Centre


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  1. what on earth are you talking abouttraditional teochew fishballs with meat filling? those are fuzhou fishballs.

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