Food Reviews : Kueh Tu-Tu @ People’s Park Complex

Kueh Tu-Tu, a traditional Singaporean delicacy, is made from rice flour and is filled with shredded coconut or ground peanuts with sugar. They are being cooked using rapid steaming of the rice flour and filling and are served on pandan leaves to enhance its fragrance. I have been eating Kueh Tu-Tu since I was a kid. In the past, they only served coconut and peanuts as the filling. Nowdays many has gone out of the box and came out with even chocolate and blueberry filling (but not from this stall here). Still, I find that the traditional and authentic ones are the best. Usually selling for $2 for 5 pieces, they can be easily finished in less than ten minutes. The rice flour used in making kueh tu-tu is quite standard so the essential part lies in the filling – the amount of filling used and how sweet the shredded coconut and ground peanuts turns out to be. If less filling is used, more rice flour will be needed to cover up the mould and the skin will tend to be thicker. One thing I like about the Kueh Tu-Tu from this stall is that their shredded coconut is good and they do give an abundance of filling and even more upon request ! So the skin becomes thinner as more filling is being used to fill the mould. As you will be having less rice flour, the kueh tu-tu becomes sweeter too. So for those who like their kueh tu-tu sweet, do ask for more coconut/peanuts !

Kueh Tu-Tu is located at :

A kisok directly outside entrance of People’s Park Complex

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