Food Reviews : Gindako Takoyaki @ Ion Orchard

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It had been a long time since I last ate a takoyaki. I remember during my younger days, as in during schooling times, Tako Paochi at Bugis Junction seem to dominate the takoyaki market. There was always a queue for it. Thereafter, many takoyaki stalls have popped up, you can even see many of these at our pasar malam stalls. I had Gindako when Ion Orchard first opened. Till today, it still tastes as good as ever. I like the way the tako balls are displayed in the bamboo boats. Gindako is opening up new stalls at Raffles City, Bedok Point and Jurong Point as what I have seen on their display notices. Proves that Gindako is indeed good, therefore it’s expanding ! 4 pieces of it costs $3.40 which comes up to $0.85 per piece. Pretty steep compared to old times, but I guess we just have to bear for inflation and better packing, isn’t it? ^-^

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