Food Reviews : Burgers @ McDelivery

During lazy days, especially when I am chasing after serials, McDelivery is a good alternative. With the chinese new year round the corner, McDonalds has come out with a few new items for the festive, mainly the Samurai burger and Double Fortune Filet. I had Samurai during the last delivery, so this time round, I tried out the Double Fortune Filet. To make a comparison, I had the Double Filet-O-Fish as well. Frankly speaking, other than the tartar sauce that is in Filet-O-Fish and the lettuce in Fortune Filet, there isn’t really much difference between the two in terms of taste. My all time favourite is still the McSpicy where the spicyness really perks you up, especially for chilli lovers like me ! Some extra info for those who order McDelivery, for those with UOB credit card, try to order $22 and above on food items only and your delivery charge will be waived. Coz I realise delivery charges has been increasing over the years, from the original $2 to $3 and now $3.50 for call centre orders. So the UOB credit card deal is pretty worth.  McDelivery is located at :
Tel : 6777 3777 or On-Line Order

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