Food Reviews : Bunnies Freshly Baked @ People’s Park Complex

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The bread here comes in a small loaf of 6 buns which is probably half the size of that in a neighbourhood bakery. Each loaf costs $1.30 which is quite reasonable, judging from the price that bread are going now. But because it’s freshly baked everyday and even if you leave it overnight to have it for breakfast the next morning, the texture is equally soft and tender, just like when it’s freshly out from the oven. Unbelievable ! You can literally feel the bread melting in your mouth ! Ok, that seems too exaggerating ! But it’s really good and I swear by it ! That explains the queue that’s constantly forming at the store. And because it’s a mini loaf, we can easily finish it without wastage. Because bread tends to be very filling, especially after you have a drink to go with it. A standard loaf will certainly result in wastage as I am pretty sure one will get tired having the same favour of buns after two pieces. The mini loaf size here is just nice, perfect for taste spotting and best of all, you can enjoy a wide variety of favours such as raisins, kaya, pork floss, cream cheese, lotus, red bean, garlic,  just to name a few. My favourites will be the coconut, curry, cheese and sugar butter. The curry favour is fast to be sold out, so you have to get in the queue early if you want to have that.
Front to back : Cheese, Sugar Butter
Bunnies Freshly Baked is located at :
1 Park Road #01-66
People’s Park Complex
Singapore 059108

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  1. the bread in the freshly baked bunny is reasonable,but the cake is not cheap,i wish the cake will be one dollar per piece.i wish the manager-in -charge will make the cake affordable for the income is extremely low.please spare a thought for the poor people.

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