White Bread Loaf

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Yes, I finally got a Kenwood breadmaker ! This is my second “quite successful” attempt with the bread maker. The first time was a failure, the bread was too moist , almost like a cake. I am not sure why though as the recipe was taken from the Kenwood recipe book that came with the machine. This is my second attempt with the bread maker. It’s more successful this time, although there are still some improvments needed. When I took out the loaf from the pan, the kneader has caused a hole at the bottom of the bread. Also, the bread can be more fluffy as it is abit heavy this time. But it’s definitely a much better attempt as compared to the first time already ! I have just bought a bread machine cookbook and will attempt the recipes from there the next time.
Recipe adapted from Kenwood website
Ingredients :
320ml water
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
50g butter
250g bread flour
250g plain flour
2 tbsp milk powder
1.5 tsp yeast
Method :
1) Place all ingredients according to sequence.
2) Select to Programme 1 or basic, select size and crust colour according to preference and press start.
3) This cycle will take about 3 hours to complete.
4) This cycle kneads, rises and bakes.
5) The lid should not be opened when dough is rising.
6) When cycle is completed, the bread should be removed from the bread pan immediately to prevent shrinking and sweating of bread.
7) Allow bread to cool on wire rack before cutting.


  1. Hi Joyce, this is my first time to your blog, nice one!I've been making my bread a few times all by hand, but I think a bread maker saves time.  Hence I am contemplating getting a bread maker but have my reservations as it can make loaf breads only is it? Hope you can share more about yours. Thanks!

  2. Hihi, thanks for your compliments ! Please feel free to keep coming back to my blog. :)The bread machine can make loaf breads and also the bread dough up to the first proofing stage. Thereafter if you need to make buns, you will still need to shape them manually by hands and continue with the second proof. On top of that, it also has a jam function where you can make jams and spread for your bread. But somehow I feel that using the mixer to mix the dough is better for me because I get to see and test the texture of the dough, whether it's ready or not. So a higher end mixer will be more beneficial than a bread machine. This is my personal opinion though. But some people swear by the bread machine, so it's really up to individual. Also, when I bought the bread machine, the sales person told me bread maker is more meant for european kind of breads like rye bread where they are not found easily in our Asian countries. So they tend to have the maker to make their own. But one thing good about bread maker is that making loaf bread is easy, just need to dump everything in and on the machine to work. But the whole cycle take approx. 3 hours. What do you think now of getting a bread maker?

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