Surfers Paradise @ Gold Coast ~ Day I

These are the views from hotel room at Gold Coast. Most of the people will know the hotel as Courtyard Mariott. We were surprised when the driver drop us at this hotel, only to know later that it has been recently renamed to Hotel Grand Chancellor.




Hotel is just beside Hard Rock ~


The 70km long coast with golden sand beaches ~
At the famous Surfers Paradise ~




Something Interesting Along The Way …


Haunted House ~ sells all kinds of scary toys
There must be alot of drunkies in Gold Coast such that they need this !
Matey – Don’t really understand what’s written about the background of this, but finds it rather interesting to have a dog statute out of nowhere in Gold Coast…


Ridleys Believe It Or Not Museum

First Day Meals ~~

At a cafe along Surfers Paradise




Ok, how should I rate this ? Basically, it’s very salty ! Not too much of my liking. I realised food in Gold Coast tastes more salty than any other parts of Aussie.


Seafood Pasta
Even the seafood pasta is salty ! Gosh, they do eat alot of salt !
Home-Made Tiramisu
Only this is nice ! The most enjoyable part of the meal. 
But this cafe though looks ordinary, doesn’t come cheap. For just 3 dishes above, it costs a whopping A$60+. IMO, the $ is not well-spent !
At a vietnamese cafe known as Vietnamese Fine Foods, at the middle of Elkhorn Ave & end of Orchid Ave, we had…


Fish N Chips
Extremely SALTY ! Look closely at the picture, you can see the amount of salt sprinkled on the fries and even the fish ! But it’s probably the cheapest cafe you can find along Gold Coast.


Munchies Along The Way


As the name states, Ozi Kebab sells kebabs and…


 The kebab is great. Costs around A$7-8. But the pizza is nothing fantastic, comes with a cheap slice of A$2.50.
from Baskin Robbins. 
The pink and purple colour is cotton candy favor ! Tastes superb !

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