Injured !

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Haven’t been updating anything for the past one week coz I had been injured. Tripped and had a bad fall while climbing a staircase last Sunday. Was on medical leave for the entire week and today is the first day returning to work after the long rest. The whole nail on the big toe came off and it had to be pulled off entirely to prevent further infection. It was an excruciating painful session at the GP ! And for the next few days, the pain was equally bad. Full recovery with a fully grown nail will take 3 months. Sigh. I am still walking with a limp now but the pain is not as bad as first few days anymore. Hopefully I can be in the mood and health to bake again !


  1. Hi, this is a nice new blog you have here =] great job and look forward to more bakes and adventures.Take care and hope you recover soon. cheers and happy baking/cooking =]

  2. Hi Bakertan,Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the wound is definitely much better now. I am a newbie in food blogging. And you are my first follower ! So happy ! :)

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