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Mee Tai Bak Noodles in Mushroom Thick Soup with Meatballs

Although Christmas is not here yet but I am sure many of us, especially the old folks have started to stock up for Chinese New Year. That said, meatballs that are purchased off the shelves are a common sight in many of the Asian households as I would say they are quite an essential when we have hotpot during the festive. And every year without fail, excess stock up tends to happen as the older generation feels that the fridge need to be pack to the brim in order to enjoy a “prosperous” Lunar New Year. My favourite brand of […]

Fish Fragrant Braised Cabbage 鱼香包菜

This is a little twist from the usual Eggplant dish which similar ingredients are used except for the core vegetable that’s being replaced by cabbage which is more commonly acceptable. I do know of some people who absolutely hate eggplants to the core liked how I used to feel, but having know how to cook eggplants now, I actually quite fell in love with this vegetable. Incorporating the 鱼香茄子 idea into this cabbage dish eliminates the need for blanching the eggplants in hot oil, instead this step is replaced by braising the cabbage till tenderness in the sauce till it’s […]

Stir fry Instant Noodles with Cabbage and Luncheon

My typical kind of meal when I feel lazy and just needed something brainless. LOL. And whilst I thought the turnaround time for this will be quick, which is still the case but it wasn’t as fast as I had expected it to be because the “perfectionist” me decide to cook each and individual item of the noodles separately so that I can plate it better, I ended up taking a good 30 minutes for a 3-minute instant noodles. Hahaha ! Not to mention I had more plates to wash as well because the individual ingredients have to be placed […]