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Cream of Pumpkin Soup 忌廉南瓜汤

Back in July last year when I was putting up at my friend’s place in countryside Australia to experience a different kind of life they were leading as compared to Singapore, I thought I had the best Cream of Pumpkin Soup ever which was made by my Aussie friend. The taste was very in-depth and rich and it tastes just so good that when I came back, I desperately wanted to re-create one for myself again. That being said, it’s not difficult to make this soup and I even prepped extra portions of it as this soup freezes really well […]

Sardine & Egg Fried Rice

Have extra sardines tins sitting around ? Fret not, simply incorporate them into an egg fried rice and a whopping plate of sardine & egg fried rice is set to keep you bellies satisfied. This serving for one recipe uses only 1/2 a bowl of cooked rice but incorporates 3 whole eggs to cook it, so you can imagine how eggy and fragrant this fried rice will be. Quick, effortless and pretty brainless that makes a good home-cooked meal especially when you are tired and yet not desiring to consume take-outs. On a side note, I’m working pretty hard here […]

Egg Tofu with Spinach & Shrimps in Pumpkin Sauce

Literally all that you can find in this one-plate meal. If I were to re-create a dish for Chinese New Year, I think this homely dish is sure to bring joy as the pumpkin sauce accompanied with the fresh shrimps and spinach are commonly found ingredients that most of us will stock up during the Lunar New Year. In addition, the colour of the dish is bright and delicious looking enough to make one salivate. A little more than usual steps to create this dish as the pumpkin and tofu has to be managed separately before they can be used […]