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Chilli Fishcake Balls

Why I choose to call these fishcake balls is because they are simply a hybrid of fishballs, meatballs and fishcake. They aren’t exactly fishballs to begin with because I’ve added minced meat to them and they aren’t meatballs either as it contains both additional fish and prawn meat. But the […]

Steamed Egg with Fish Slices

A one-plate steamed dish today with egg, fish slices and luncheon meat ! You can refer to the post here for a precise reiteration on how to churn up a good steamed egg. This is after countless experiments of mine though. So hope it helps ! And to cut the […]

Shredded Ginger and Dark Soya Fish 姜丝酱油鱼

Some people commented that this dish looked liked a confinement dish ! But no no, I am not certainly not in confinement. LOL. Nevertheless I loved this dish to bits because the shredded ginger added a really good fragrance to the dish and compiled with the fact that I am […]