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Seafood Longevity Noodles 海鲜长寿面

Ways to use up some of the shrimps and scallops from CNY is to utilize them all in a quick and easy noodles stir-fry ! This is definitely one of my noodles to go of which I can had two, three or even more helpings of it within a day and still will not get tired of it. The Yee Fu Noodles used in this recipe which boosts a soft slurpy texture is savoury and flavorful which I generally preferred over the traditional yellow noodles. It is also commonly used in clay pot noodles and fish soups dishes. The reason […]

Mushroom & Spinach Sour Cream Pasta

I always thought that cooking cream is usually the way to whip up a good pasta but somehow after trying out this recipe, I am convinced that sour cream can also be a good alternative to achieve a tasty and flavourful pasta. And if given a choice for pasta, I will always choose the one that comes with bacon as it releases a good aroma to the oil and enhance the pasta taste greatly. The crunchy bacon bits after frying is what I so-love about eating pasta with it as well. Other than bacon, I love a good blend of […]

Caramel Popcorn with Cashew Nuts

And I am still munching on this delicious popcorn as I am penning this post ! I bought this 900g pack of pop-corn kennels from Cold Storage at $5.60 and this is the 2nd time I am making it in one weekend because they are finished up in a jiffy ! It’s that perfect ideal snack for any movie or Netflix time and I am glad I made my own popcorn finally because they are just so easy and cheap as compared to getting the ones off the shelves. The only setback is ~ I probably still have to spend […]