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Ham & Cheese Quiche

    I missed this lesson during baking class as I wasn’t in Singapore. But nevertheless, I tried out the recipe by myself. Everything turns out fine and good ! Except for the crust which can be thinner, the filling is great for a quiche and the ham and cheese […]

Blackforest Cupcakes

  Cherries make good presentation on any kinds of cake because of their brillant colour. As there was an abundant of cherries at home then, so here are some cherries bakes. Cherries are a good source of potassium, which helps to stabilise the heartbeat and keep the skin healthy.   […]

Sesame Street Cupcakes

    This was an old time bake, probably during the last Christmas season and picture taken using the old camera. I love these characters ! So decided to post it here again. Coz these cupcakes recipe are just so versatile, they can be used for any occasion and simply […]