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Barramundi Fish Chowder from Kühlbarra with Homemade Croutons


Sharing this awesome Barramundi fish chowder from Kühlbarra that’s really delicious. It was loaded with lotsa vegetables along with premium barramundi fish and as you can see from the pictures too, the chowder is indeed that thick and lusciously creamy ! I prepped some croutons to go along which was very […]

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Superior Abalone Scallop Pot 鲍鱼干贝一品锅


Chinese New Year is coming again in another 2 weeks time. Hence, attempted a Superior Abalone Scallop Pot 鲍鱼干贝一品锅 in preparation for the festive.  This dish is probably a subset of a Peng Cai, requires lesser ingredients, is a breeze to prepare, and very suitable for people who are working […]