5 Unique Kitchen Sink Designs

Having a kitchen that is both modern and functional can improve your cooking experiences and make you enjoy spending time in the kitchen even more. The sink is a central piece of the kitchen and also an important workplace. These five unique kitchen sink designs can inspire you to change or upgrade this space if you are already thinking to replace a kitchen sink in Singapore.

The glass kitchen sink

If you are looking for a slightly unusual but effective design, you can choose a glass kitchen sink. Depending on their manufacturing qualities, these sinks will be able to stand heavy loads and drops. This type of sink can also be mounted on a pedestal, for a different design. You can install a pedestal sink in Singapore in your kitchen but this style is also common in bathrooms.




The bamboo sink

Using wood for a kitchen can sound ludicrous, but it sure offers a unique design. Bamboo sinks, like the ones from producer Lenova, also come with special cleaning instructions. Teak and other types of wood can be used for kitchen sinks. You can talk to a designer to decide which type of wood fits best with the overall design of your kitchen, especially if you are considering a complete remodeling.


Wavy sinks

Your kitchen sink does not have to be a standard bowl-shaped one. You can reimagine this space, at the same time retaining its function. A curved kitchen sink will allow you to use the workspace efficiently, by having designated areas (the washed or cut food and the one to be prepared). These sinks typically have an under-mount shape and can come in a variety of materials.





The island sink

When you think of a kitchen sink you imagine it as an integrant part of the countertop. But what if that weren’t the case? This innovative kitchen sink design separates the sink itself from the countertop and places it on separate surface, with an integrated basin and island-type workspace. This particular model is made of recycled materials and it is durable.



The integrated cutting board sink

This sink is a space and life-saver for cooks who are working in small kitchens. When the countertop is simply not enough, your sink can double as a workspace, either with an integrated cutting board or with an over-the-sink cutting board.


Replacing the kitchen sink is an important step and one that will change the look of your kitchen. You can contact a reliable plumber in Singapore if you are ready to make these changes. The help of an expert is always welcomed to ensure that this central piece is installed correctly.

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