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I always have a phobia of drinking traditional herbal drinks or remedies because they are bitter and having a weird aftertaste very often. Even those that are off the shelves are not spared from my “hated drinks list”. So when Wenken Group sent me their signature Three Legs Cooling Water, I was pleasantly surprised. Though using the traditional herbal remedies as well, the new flavours that came in Lychee, Lime and Guava are surprisingly refreshing and strike a similar chord with our favourite flavoured drinks yet without all the artificial sweeteners.

The brand “Three Legs” might appear foreign to man, especially the youngsters. But amazingly, they have actually been around for 80 years already. Their signature Cooling Water drink has in fact become the trusted drink to quench thirst and relieve body heatiness for as long as since our Grandmother’s time.

I’ve seen a doctor for fever recently and I was told that the recent “blowing hot and cold” weather has resulted in many people falling sick as well. To maintain our good health and staying hydrated in such a weather, it is important that we consumed the right kind of food and drinks to ensure our body maintains a balanced internal heat.

And so here are some facts about “Three Legs Cooling Drink” which I find them particularly useful for sharing and important to note of whilst consuming the drink.

What is heatiness? What are the symptoms of heatiness?

According to the Chinese medicine theory, under normal circumstances, the body’s yin and yang (cold and heat) are balanced.
However, the body is subjected to “heatiness” which may occur due to the following:
• Hot or high temperature environment;
• Strenuous exertion for a long period of time, and/or the body is subjected to intense pressure from work or stress, bad mood, poor sleep;
• Intake of spicy, fried or heaty food;

Heatiness may cause the following symptoms to occur:
• Mouth sores,
• Sore throat,
• Nose bleed,
• Swollen eye,
• Acne etc.

Why is Three Legs Cooling Water able to get rid of heatiness? Is there any scientific evidence?

According to Chinese medicine theory of cold and heat, the use of natural minerals that are ‘cold’ in nature purges the excessive heat out of our bodies, which helps restores the balance of yin and yang (cold and heat) within the body.

Modern scientific experiments show that raw Gypsum Fibrosum in Three Legs Cooling Water has the effect of purging heatiness. The study has been journalised in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

 How long must I drink Three Legs Cooling Water before seeing results?

Three Legs Cooling Water can quickly help to regulate the body’s cold and heat balance. Generally, the effectiveness is noticeable within 1-2 days of consumption. Effectiveness may also vary depending on each individual’s health and physical condition. The amount consumed also has an impact on the results.

 If I do not have body heatiness, can I still consume Three Legs Cooling Water? Can I treat it as a normal drink?

Yes, it can also be used to prevent and get rid of body heatiness caused by the external hot weather or consumption of spicy food.

 Is Three Legs Cooling Water suitable after sports related activities?

Yes, it quickly regulates the balance of body heat and helps to replenish water.

 Is Three Legs Cooling Water Halal-certified?


And with the new fruity flavours coming on board, it is no wonder that Three Legs Cooling water is penetrating the mass market by making it suitable to consumers of all ages, and spreading the goodness and health benefits of it all to essentially everyone.

With much thanks & appreciation to PR Communications Pte Ltd and Wen Ken Group for the arrangements in sending the Special Care Package over and sharing of very useful health benefits and knowledge of the Cooling Water drinks. :)

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