Bibimbap – Korean Mixed Rice with Assorted Meat and Vegetables

I used to not being able to appreciate much of Korean food, but in the recent years, perhaps due to the influx of too much K-drama, it just dawn on me that perhaps I ought to try them out at home at least for once. And so, I started off with the simplest of all, the Bibimbap ! Although the individual ingredients needed to be cooked separately, but nevertheless it’s not a difficult one to come out with. And I often seen in shows that the Koreans love to chuck all the leftovers right from the fridge into the rice, add some hot chili paste and indulging in them happily. Well, because I don’t really enjoy cold food right from the fridge, so I did some slight cooking for every ingredient before mixing them all. So mine is kinda a fake Bibimbap. Hahaha !


It’s a bit tough to cook small portions for this unless you can really eat alot ! Otherwise, by the end of the meal, I am sure you will be rubbing your tummy and telling yourself, no more bibimbap for the next few months ! I guess I lost control of the serving portions and in order not to waste it, I had it for 3 meals consecutively. And gosh, that got me really steer clear of Korean food for the next one whole month ! Hahaha ! Ok, so now I declare the “ban” is officially lifted. My craving has just came back though. 


Although many will use a sunny side egg for the “centrepiece” but I prefer fried egg instead and had them cut them into strips to fit that little area. 

So here’s my first attempt at Korean Bibimbap ~~ How do I fare ?


[yumprint-recipe id=’27’]


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