An old school bake that never fails to delight ~ Pandan Layered Cake w Recipe

This is really an old school cake. Those of a kind we still see in neighborhood bakeries and loving that fragrant pandan kaya sandwiched between layers of pandan sponge cake. In fact, I felt that the sweetness of the pandan kaya overwhelms the cake all together and the sponge cake was literally an “extra”. It’s there probably for that nice layering effect and that we don’t get too overdose by the sweetness itself.


But some interesting points to note while I was making this cake. I started off with the cake layer and ended off with the pandan kaya. And towards the last kaya layer, the batter has almost set and I wasn’t able to get a nice and smooth top. Therefore, I coated it with abundance of dessicated coconut to conceal it and at the same time, to add to the “pandan-ness” of the cake. Therefore, a note of pointer would be to start off the layers with the pandan kaya and end it off with the cake instead. This way, you will get a nice smooth top when you invert the cake later on as the bottom of it will served as the top then.


And in case you are worried that the cake will stick on to the baking tin this way, you could sprinkle some water on the tin, at the base and sides, just before inputting the first layer and this could jolly well ensure that you could get the cake safely out of the pan without any mishaps. And if you are using an expandable cake ring, be sure to wrap the base of the cake ring with a foil to prevent the pandan kaya from flowing out.


From what I noticed, the sponge cake should have a height taller than the kaya layer anytime. This is to ensure that the cake will be able to support the weight of the kaya batter, however, mine seems to fall short of that. Probably I prefer mine to be in many layers in order for it to look more distinct, resulting in each layer to be rather slim. This is how my original sponge cake looked like before it was sliced.


Nevertheless, the cake was still a delight to begin with and the fresh coconut milk and pandan juice used helps to preserve the fragrance further.

The old school bake never fails to excite the folks, whether young or old. A traditional recipe that should be passed on too.


Oh yeah, on a side note, not sure how many Korean drama fans out there, there’s this show by the name of Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog I am currently watching, you could easily do a google for its chinese/korean title, it has an interesting plot about baking and running a cake shop. And the bakes that were presented in the show are simply too adorable for words. As the title implies, cakes and pastries in the form of pandas and hedgehogs were featured. Superbly cute lor !!

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See ya, folks !


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