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Hyatt Is Listening ~ A Hotel’s Dedication to Every Guest !


I often associate hotels stays with holidays, and it get me all excited whenever I going for one. Even if it’s a local stayvacation, I deemed it as a break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday lives and tug myself in a hotel room where I can just simply laze my day away. It’s been really a long long while since I had a stayvacation, especially when you have a pet that’s just so “sticky” to you and you feel bad if you were to leave her alone for the night, even if it’s just for one night.

Still, there’s this opportunity so hard to resist that I gotten someone to take care of the pet for a night while I venture on this little getaway. And I am glad that I did ! Because everything was just so carefully tailored for, from the spacious guest room, the luxurious spa to the gorgeous food…. it was a wholesome and pleasurable getaway !

“Hyatt is listening” is a project piloted by Grand Hyatt, who takes into account the feedback and needs from the guests and focuses on tailoring to each individual’s requirements by arranging for a customized stay for each and every of their guest. Well-liked by business and luxury travellers, Grand Hyatt has a superb location in the hearthrob of our downtown Orchard, which makes shopping and leisure accessible and convenient.

Room_Welcome Cake

Even if you choose to stay within the hotel premises, the very spacious and comfortable club room will lift up your spirits instantly as it is a far cry from the “maddening crowds” out there. Well furbished with a luxurious king size bed, a lay-on couch with feet rest and a brightly lit work area, every guest room at Grand Hyatt prime itself as almost a one-bedder apartment.


And you would be amazed at the size of the bath area ! It’s comparable to the size of one bedroom itself. Other than the well segregated shower area, bathtub zone and the toilet, there’s also a corner of dry area for dressing and dolling up. And this is a result of feedback well taken into by the staff of Grand Hyatt that renders this little dream area for all the ladies’ possible.


Room_Dressing Area_1

Room_Bath Tub


Room_Shower Area

Something interesting I notice about the guest room that I don’t see often elsewhere. Count the number of mirrors that appear in the room ! From the walkway when you first stepped in, there’s a full length one, to the bathtub area, to the dressing table, and lastly the vanity top basin and the extendable wall mirror, there’s a total of 5 areas of mirroring in a single guest room itself ! On a personal note, I much adores having these full length mirrors as I can keep myself conscious of that extra pimple or wrinkle that appears whenever I go !  Hahaha….. it’s not vanity ok, it’s just being conscious !! ^-^

MIrror 1

Mirror 2    MIrror 3

Mirror 4    Mirror 5

And lunch was at Mezza 9 which whips up a selection of delicate and delectable cuisine which the chefs has generously shared their recipes with, during the cookery lesson earlier. A pity that I didn’t manage to get to attend the class, but was glad that they had all the recipes documented and shared.

Here’s what we had :

Hokkiado Scallop Pops in Romesco Sauce


Fresh Hokkaido scallops wrapped in bacon rolls and presented on skewer sticks ! These can be very addictive, as the convenient way of presentation makes them hard to resist. Fortunately, the chefs were brilliant enough to keep our resistance under control by keeping them on a limited quantity as we need to brace ourselves for more gorgeous food coming up.

The Spinach Egg comes on a free range egg with young spinach and truffle veloutee. Though the portion may looks dainty, but I felt so filling after it. Probably the sauce and all that makes it very hearty.


The Wood Fired Barramundi is served alongside with pumpkin, potatoes, chestnut and crustacean jus which is a kind of lobster sauce. Looking at the long list of ingredients in the recipe list and detailing the various steps in attempting it, it’s indeed a cuisine made out of heartfelt efforts by the chef. My first thought was that it’s too complicated a dish for me to want to attempt it at home. Hehehe. I am those that are always on the look out for simple fuss-free cook-ups yeah.


The sumptuous lunch has filled us much to the brim that despite a rich and tempting chocolate tart was served as dessert thereafter, most of us simply couldn’t finish it.


Oh, almost forgotten ~ look at this missing MUST HAVEs available ! I reckon this must be the first time you seen such a comprehensive list that’s provided on a hotel site. Imagine having make-up remover and nails remover available too, such considerations are just part of the conscious efforts by “Hyatt is listening”, in attaining a customer oriented focus.

MIssing Must Have

Space saving mini bar in drawers !




Care to brew your own green tea ?? Here’s what you need !


The safe is also enclosed in a drawer and comes with a power charging device within that allows for laptops and other portable devices to be charged whilst they are locked in it. Ideal for business traveller who could just have their lappie fully charged for use when they return back to the room.


The wardrobe is accessible from both the vanity area and the bedroom. I am sure most ladies would welcome this interchangeability of the wardrobe function as you could get yourself fully dressed right after bath, rather than having to bear the chill from the room once you step out of the bathroom.


 A very brightly lit work area, with full length windows !

Room_Work Area

 Huge LED TV comes complete with DVD player too !


Let me be a couch potatoooooo….. just for a day !! *-*


If you need some music to the ears while enrolling yourself in the bathtub, look out for this feature ! Volume adjustable to your audible delight even as you shower !!


Toiletries well kept in a satin silver box !


Because I have a mini fridge in my current bedroom as well, I was rather attracted by this sleek black mini fridge from the hotel room. The ones we saw and the one we had were found commonly in the uniform white and this sleek black is something that we had never seen before.

Room_Mini Fridge_1

And from within !

Room_Mini Fridge

The Damai Spa is our next destination where we enjoyed an hour long of soothing massage in a spacious and luxurious massage room that’s surrounded by a water feature that runs along all the rooms and filled with calming music played from a docking station. Each room has a similar spaciousness and complete with its own changing and bath area.


Spa_Rest Area

Spa_Water Feature

Spa_Docking Station

And look at these buttons that operate the toilet bowl ! Don’t you just feel that you are in Japan already ? ^-^ (Sorry for the blurred picture though !)


Dinner is available at Oasis on Level 5. Despite having rains for the past few days, the weather was merciful enough just for that night and we manage to enjoy our al fresco dining beside the swimming pool under the skylight.

Starter for the night. Smoked salmon and a couple of salad condiments.

Dinner Oasis_Starter

The lamb shanks and grilled prawns from the BBQ buffet were great ! And incorporating fusion into the buffet, I was introduced to this Stirred Fried Vegetables from one of the Oasis’s staff named Osman. On first look, it resembles so much like our Asian Fried Vermicelli. But it was actually made up  of a variety of carrots, sprouts, mushrooms, eggs, etc. I was really impressed by the service standard offered by Osman as he was really patient enough to introduce me to each and every dish that he served up, despite it being a buffet where customers are supposed to be doing self serve.

Dinner Oasis_BBQ

 Pardon the messiness though but since it’s BBQ night, it plays fine to be messy, isn’t it ?! Hehehe.

Dinner Oasis_Fried Vege

Ending the night on a sweet note with a spread of desserts….

Dinner Oasis_Desserts

And Ice-Cream !! Vanilla Ice-cream doped in a generous serving of fresh mangoes and …. erm….  love letter !! It seems that we have an additional idea for ice-cream toppings from now on !

Dinner Oasis_Ice Cream

As we are provided with club rooms, which essentially enables us access to the Club House for breakfast which is located on the same floor, heading for breakfast is a breeze in less than a minute’s walk.



A standard continental breakfast with a generous providence of some premiums like smoked salmon and turkey hams. Instead of having the items on a chaffing dish to keep them warm, one noticeable difference is the use of numerous induction cookers and stir frying the hot food items on the spot to achieve the desired freshness. And this applies even to common items like sausages, baked potatoes and tomatoes.

Breakfast_Premium Items



There you go, help yourself to the free flow Yakult too ! And if you need that additional kick to boast up your energy for the day, you are always welcomed to “ta pau” an extra coffee back.



Other items on the palate..


Breakfast_Salad Cups



With that, we concluded our memorable stayvacation at Grand Hyatt and for sure… we will be back, be it the food or stay, it has not failed to impress in anyway !

10 Scotts Road
Singapore,  Republic of Singapore, 228211 
Tel: +65 6738 1234
Fax: +65 6732 1696

With special thanks to Sandee and Nicole for all the arrangements and warm hospitality ! Thank you once again !

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