Tonight !

I am feeling so excited ! Counting down to tonight’s flight to aussie for the third time in my life. Too bad the currency exchange rate is quite bad now, if not I think I will sure punch in a whole lot of macademia nuts to be brought back for my bakes. I love macademia nuts, and I think they are much cheaper from aussie. This trip has been postponed once due to HB’s work commitments. So finally here it is ! A very long wait indeed, for like half a year. My big toe is still in a slight bandage due to the previous injury, so I have to avoid all water sports for the time being. What a pity, for Surfers Paradise is all about that. I will try and source for baking stuffs there. The last time I brought back a muffin tray, a size which I can’t find here. Oh and not forgetting the duty free alcohols at the airport for the cakes. I can’t resist buying anything for my bakes, but I really doubt whether I have the time to consume them. Hahaha. I still have alot of malibu rum, grand marnier, brandy, etc in the cupboard which I only use once or twice. 
Aussie food are generally nice but too much of it are really fattening ! So I guess I got to starve myself now… Hmm… is it abit too late ? They don’t have sambal chilli. They don’t have spicy food. I will miss that. And even spicy cup noodles are expensive there. Ok, my next trip shall be somewhere where things are really cheap ! Maybe china or thailand. 

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