Sea World @ Gold Coast – Day III

Another hotel breakfast… but there is new food today, waffles and yes ! Some chinese congee !
 Today’s theme will be the ~~
Sea World 
At the entrace of Sea World, a man made scenery.
Took this from the top in the cable car.
The Dolphin Show
You can pay to have close contact with the Dolphins where they will teach you the tricks and means to train one.
“Dangerous game”. Passer-bys are being “sabotage” with water from their spray guns. Of course you can fight back. But you are sure to get all wet !
The we came to the Penguin Point
How come the penguins aren’t white and blue like those in the cartoons ???
The Underwater World With REAL SHARK
The Groupar
looked delicious.. ^-^
Seawater Fish
The corals
And of course you can pay to go into the tank to feed the sharks as well…
Can you identify all the fishes ??
Cannot remember what is this…    
Sea Cucumber
Do you still dare to eat after seeing these slimy creatures ??
Star Fish    
The Smiley Stingray
 Doesn’t this look like it’s looking and smiling at you ???
 The Polar Bear
 The Sea Lion Show
I think the show is kind of weak, too short and not really funny and the sea lions did not perform as much stunts as the one in Singapore or other countries.
Some Sea Birds Along The Way…
The cartoon characters theme in Sea World is the Sesame Street… Ok, not so bad as the Dream World at least…
 The ones in Korea themepark look much nicer, featured in the episodes from the Korean show, Winter Sonata.
The only game in the themepark for Adults ~
Roller-coaster ride
Attempted this. It’s pretty ok. There isn’t as much turns as the one you will see in the next themepark, Movieworld.
The Finale ~ The Pirates Show
Performing stunts
The Captain, Prisoners & the Pirate Ship
Although there is no live animals performing in this show, somehow I find it’s much more enjoyable than the Sea Lion show. 

Ended the day with KFC Dinner…


They had their fries packed in this manner. So convenient to take away if you can’t finish them.


Guess what is this ?? All fast food outlets in Gold Coast provide wet tissues in such mini packaging ! Singapore should have this too !


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