Movie World @ Gold Coast – Day IV

We are in the Warner Bros Movie World today ! Actually we bought a three themepark entry pass that allows unlimited entry to Sea World, Movie World and Wild N Wet. However, due to the inconvenient distance to Wild N Wet, we completed only Movie World for the day. Also, since there is no water sports I can do, so we have to give Wild N Wet a miss. But the entry pass can last for half a year. So if there is anyone going during this period, you can have that !

Once you step in, you are greeted by all kinds of Warner Bros shops on both sides.


Guess what shop this is ??


Harry Potter’s shop !


This scene is supposedly used by Hollywood films as a backdrop to magnify a small space.


First thrill of the day. A very elaborate roller-coaster.

Then came the Hollywood Stunt Drivers show ! They used real cars and explosives in action just like what you see in movies..


 The most disappointing part… Scooby Doo Coaster ride was out of service when it’s almost our turn in the half an hour queue…


Saw this in the indoor queuing area.


Wild West Falls – This is fun, we sat on these twice because there wasn’t much queue. Initially we thought that probably we can avoid the water if we sits right at the back, but turns out that the back seats are the worse coz when you are up there in the hills, the cart goes backwards and the back seaters are drenched first !

 The cartoon characters ~~

 This is a mini caoaster for the kids only.

Daffy Duck
Looney Tunes
Bugs Bunny    
 We had lunch at this place…
It’s an international buffet and it claimed that if you were to dine here, the cartoon characters will pop in anytime and allow you to take pixs with them. But it never happened during the time when we are having our meals … :(

But at least the food wasn’t that bad. Very asian cooking with quite a variety of indian foods…


A photo booth where you can have your pixs on the “criminals wanted list”


Superman Escape is a pretty new roller coaster ride, judging from the condition of its facilities. The most trilling part is when the coaster went all the way up to its highest and fall at a 90 degrees angle. I cannot imagine how I manage to survive the ride.


Last ride for the day ~ The Batman’s Ride


It’s an indoor ride, where you watch a show accompanied by some movements from the carriage. Something like an imax theatre.


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