Marching Parade & Chinatown @ Brisbane City – Day VIII

Today is the last day of the holidays, considering we are flying back tomorrow. Was lucky enough to witness the marching parade of the Aussie soldiers just outside our hotel. Not exactly sure what’s the occasion but from the news, it could be that they are finally back after their mission in some war-torn countries.
Look at the tattooes on her arm !
 They certainly have quite a number of female soldiers.
 He’s injured !
 Look at the men’s dressing ! So interesting ~~


 Horses came in too ! Looked like the Australian outback do have alot of significance to them.



Oh my, what is the role of the sheep in the military ?

Heading on to Chinatown ~~
We had lunch at a Old Town restaurant, which serves Singapore and Malaysia cuisine.
Their version of Fanta & Sprite
Sambal Beef Rice
Oh ~ Sambal chiili is fantastic !! Singaporeans surely cannot do without sambal…
Dried Wanton Mee
Each set costs A$9.90 a plate, inclusive of a drink ! Should definitely feel glad that Singapore is a food paradise. Our food varieties and prices are a far cry from this.
Since it’s the last dinner on this holiday trip, we decided to have a good meal. We popped over to Southbank again since the cinema tickets there is half the price as that in the city area. Finally deciding on this very new restaurant called “Guppy’s”.
Baked oysters with some kind of sauce ~
 Can’t remember the name of the sauce ~ but it’s quite unique and abit spicy.
Popiah & Garlic Bread
The set meals comes with these starters. The fried popiah is very very “chinese”. Just like the ones in Singapore. Very nice !
Isn’t guppy a kind of fish that can be found only in Singapore ? We are guessing that this restaurant could be set up by Singaporeans due to this name. After having the very Singaporean style popiah, we are pretty sure this restaurant is owned by Singaporeans, if not definitely Chinese !
Buffalo Wings
 King Snapper Fillet with Steamed Veges & Mashed Potato
250g of T-Bone Steak with White Wine Sauce
~ End of Holidays ~

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