Brisbane City – Day VI

Gold Coast to Brisbane City is around an hour drive. We stayed at the Mercure Hotel here, a very convenient location just 5 minutes walk away from the city malls.
The hotel welcomed me on TV !
Views from the Hotel ~
The Treasury Casino, under the same group as Jupiters Casino in Gold Coast, is in the old treasury house of Brisbane.

Our first meal at Brisbane and probably the best we ever had during the whole trip ~
was surprisingly in a food court. Can’t remember the name of the mall, but it has a Harvey Norman on the top level.
The cheese roll
The taste is superb and it costs only A$6. A combi of pasta and lasagne rolled up like a swiss roll.
Deep Fried Pork knuckle burger
The english version of the chinese “Kong Ba Pau”. Tastes good too.
Then we passed by this sushi kiosk where there was a super long queue. It sells handrolls in all kinds of favour at A$2-A$2.50 per piece. We grabbed two. Tastes great too ! 
Suddenly there seems to be so much and so cheaper to eat here than in Gold Coast.
Salmon Cheese & Egg Omelette
We watch 3 movies in Brisbane City. The American, The Social Network and Skyline.
While waiting for the movie to start, we munched again !

At the fast food restaurant called Oporto, 

we shared a Grilled Chicken Set.

Looks are deceiving ! Although grilled till charred, but the 8 spices chicken is gooooddd… Much much better than the Red Rooster as we will eat the following day.


It’s basically just City Shopping in Brisbane, except that shops here close at 5pm everyday except on Friday where they have late night shopping. So for dinner, we had to make do with burgers at Hungry Jacks. It’s probably called Burger King in Singapore ? Not sure about that but the concept and colour theme are all exactly the same. I remember seeing Hungry Jacks in Bali and some other places as well.


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