Brisbane City and Southbank – Day VII

Since there was no itinerary today, so we headed to the Botanic Gardens which is around 20 minutes walk from our hotel. It’s not a very big garden but since the weather is quite alright, this morning walk is quite a breeze. 
Look at the purple flowers all over on the tree !
It’s makan time for lunch again ~
We went to another food court this time. We saw a long queue at this stall called Suncrane, selling Japanese food. The first thought that came to my mind is that it’s a stall selling sugarcane juice ?? Hahaha.. talking about that, how come no one sells sugarcane juice in Aussie ?
We joined the queue and had ~
Japanese Laksa
Still prefer the authentic one at Katong. ^-^
Teriyaki Chicken Rice
 Definitely not the best, but at that point in time, it’s good to have some staple rice after many days of chips/fries. :P
For side dish, we went to queue for the A$2 sushi roll again ! This time round, we tried out another 4 different favors.
Lobster meat, Karage Chicken, California and Unagi  
Other than the Karage chicken which is not so satisfactory as it is very dry, the rest are pretty alright.
Mango & Banana Smoothie
Used to see this brand in Vivocity, Singapore. It’s not really that famous in SGP but it’s definitely very popular in Aussie. I had to wait for almost 20 minutes before I got my drink !
Chocolate Truffles
We got some hand-made truffles along the way from a shop called “Chocolate to Die For”.  Real good truffles come at a price of A$2+ for a piece.
Southbank Markets is opened only on Fridays to Sundays. It’s just at the opposite end of the city, along Brisbane river, maybe around 25 minutes walk from our hotel. Surprisingly we saw another “world” of Brisbane along the way, something very different from the city landscape that we saw in these two days.
Walking through this covered walkway that is decorated with flowers looked like walking down the aisle in a wedding ceremony !
 We never knew there was such a place in the city landscape ! A man-made beach with swimming pools ~
 And it’s free !
Kong Zi Statute
 Was very surprised to see this very Chinese statute along the way …
This is a tiny island out of nowhere that they called it the Picnic Island. It’s currently under renovation. But you can still see some ducks in the water that surrounds it.
 Southbank Markets ~
There wasn’t really alot of stalls, you can easily finish in half an hour. And the stuffs weren’t that cheap either.
Night is falling ~
On our way back to the city for our dinner … we stopped to enjoy some of the views along Brisbane River.
This is the city landscape of Brisbane, where our hotel is located as well.
There is late night shopping on every Friday in Brisbane City. So finding food posed a much lesser problem than on other days of the week.
 We wanted to try ~
Red Rooster
Thinking that it’s a brand famous for fried chicken. 
They provided wet tissues as well ! You don’t get to see this in Singapore ! Hahaha.
 But the fried chicken was a big big disappointment. The chicken is soooo dry and there was a stale taste, as if the chicken had been frozen for a very long time. 
We ordered a buddy meal somemore. In the end, we left most of the fries and half the chicken untouched.
Unsatisfied, we decided to pop over to the food court where we had that delicious ham and cheese roll again. Unfortunately, it was not opened tonight.
So we decided to try the Japanese stall that was opened then. Yes, jap food again ~
Sumo Japanese Food
Steamed Gyoza   
It’s a healthier version and taste much better than fried ones. 
The ramen is a disappointment as it is rather plain. So I added lots of chilli powder to spice it up.
Curry Katsu Don
This is much better than the ramen. But it’s quite a standard taste, as in all other jap curry katsu.

Starting to feel sad ~ holidays going to be over soon ~~


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