AquaDuck Tour & Australian Outback @ Gold Coast – Day V

It’s the last day in Gold Coast here. So we decide to do something very “tourist” ~ Going on an AquaDuck Tour. It’s a one-hour ride, with the AquaDuck riding on the road and into the waters. Should be the same as the one in Singapore.
Here are some of the multi-million houses in Gold Coast, where these people have their own yacht and even helicopter. Right ~ it should be the same as Sentosa Cove in Singapore but I am not sure about the helicopter though.
  We spotted some dolphins ! If you look carefully…
 This man is amazing. He made a house out of some floating devices, sheltering him from the sun while he fish. But are there fishes when he is so near the shore ??
Then we went to the Marina Marage, a supposedly 5-star shopping mall.
 Because the guide at the AquaDuck tour recommended a famous stall that sells all kinds of fresh seafood and Fish N Chips for just A$8.50 at somewhere near Marina Marage.
This is the place ~
 The signature Fish N Chips ~
And Pacific Fresh Oysters ~
Since there are still sometime before we go for the Australian Outback show in the evening, we decided to pay the beach a last visit.
The skies, the sea and the beach  
Superb weather today. No sun and alot of winds. 
The colour of the flag determines whether the particular area is safe for swimming/surfing or not. 
Many of these birds roaming the beach.
The gelato shop along the way
Last but not least, the Australian Outback Spectacular Show. The show cum dinner comes at a price of A$115 per person. 
It wasn’t a pleasant experience to start with. The tour operator gave us a wrong timing to catch the bus, the driver went to the wrong hotel to pick us and the free taxi service in compensation did not come ! It’s the first time been in a country where failed service comes twice ! The first was at Dreamworld where the driver failed to pick us up as well as they have gone to a wrong themepark.
Finally, the concierge had to call another cab which was just round the corner. By the time we get to the place, we were JUST IN TIME. Of course, we were reimbursed for the taxi trip. But still, we missed the pre-show entertainment.
No photo taking was allowed in the show, so no pixs. Here are some that was taken after that.
I guess the reason why we don’t enjoy the show as much as the Australians is also because we do not understand the history of Australian outback and the significance of it to their people. The songs sang, the background and the story are just so greek to us.

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