Get Moonstruck This Mid-Autumn with Swensen’s Mooncakes !

Aptly titled ‘Moonstruck!’, Swensen’s latest ice cream mooncakes feature six exotic flavors to please your palates and cool your taste buds this year! In addition to the all-time favourites like Durian Royale and Sticky Chewy Chocolate, fans of this family restaurant could associate themselves with 3 novel unique flavours this year, namely the Queen of […]

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Mini Snow Skin Mooncake Selection

Millennium Mooncakes by Award-Winning Hua Ting

As the dates draw closer, I am sure many of us are on the look-out for reputable and presentable mooncakes as family or corporate gifts for the sensory Mid-Autumn Festival. How about taking a peep at these Millennium Mooncakes by Award-Winning Hua Ting from Orchard Hotel ? Created by the “Asian Cuisine Chef of the […]

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Häagen-Dazs Brings Exquisite Moments of Togetherness this Mid-Autumn Festival

Well well well…It’s that time of the year again ~ The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mooncake Festival… whatever you called it ! Gosh, time really waits for no one !! And so …. nothing gonna beat spending time and enjoying a slice of the once-a-year-delicacy with your loved ones on this occasion !! Featuring four of […]

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TEXAS CHICKEN - Jalapeño TXtreme Chicken

[GIVEAWAY] Texas Chicken Introduces the new Jalapeño TXtreme Chicken in Singapore

And we are the first amongst 25 countries to experience this uniquely spicy, juicy and crunchy chicken ! This will be available in all 10 Texas Chicken restaurants islandwide for a very limited time period only starting from 18 July 2014 ! And what’s so special about the Jalapeño TXtreme Chicken ?! First layer: Chicken […]

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Day 2 of 3 Nights in HK

Day 2 : Was contemplating whether I should go for Jenny’s cookies which eventually I caved in ! I am sure many others would have written about how horrid the queue was already, as even on normal days, the average queuing time was probably about an hour or so. And considering you have to braved […]

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Day 1 of 3 Nights in HK

Probably because HK is a relatively easy place to travel around and having been there several times, I planned for a solo trip this time, and solely for the purpose of therapeutic shopping so that I could jolly well shop to my heart’s contents. And for the consecutively 3 nights I was there, it was […]

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Lee Kum Kee’s Mini Hampers GIVEAWAY + Our Home-Cooked Cod Fish Steak with the Brand New Teriyaki Marinade

In line with Lee Kum Kee’s launch of their new Teriyaki Marinade and its new packaging for their tomato ketchup, we are here for a GIVEAWAY ! But before we touch on that, let’s take a look at how we incorproate the new Teriyaki Marinade into our daily cooking with the home-cooked Cod Fish steak […]

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